May 13, 2013

A Guide To Texting (Part One)

The first messages you send to that special person you want to seduce are crucial. It is part of the first impression you give, so here are some elements you should follow to keep your crush hungry for replies.

As in business, seduction is about marketing yourself and branding your image. So start with positioning who you are. In other words, you have to make the supply match with the demand: show him / her that you are what they look for. Just do it subtly: don’t scream out that you are the right person, don’t over-sell yourself. Ever. Instead, make your crush understand what benefits she or he could have with you, and make them crave for your presence. This point is extremely important: they have to understand themselves that you are the right person, not being told so.

Flirting is delightful, everyone loves this game, so let’s start !

Don’t hurry anything. When you obtain a phone number, WAIT. Don’t sound like you absolutely want to keep in touch with that person, chances are you would make him / her suffocate. I would recommend to let a few hours fly before you initiate the text flirt. Just as long as you would think your crush would wonder “why haven’t I received any text yet ?” : you lower down their self-confidence, and you make them keep you in their minds. Trust me, anyone who gives their number to someone expects to get texts soon after, so if they don’t, they start wondering. In this way, getting a first text after a few hours is, deep down, a relief. So use this in your advantage. And keep this rule in mind : build curiosity, stand out.

Some cheap love coaches would recommend you not to play “hard to get” and make your intentions clear. This is wrong ! Nothing fascinates more than what we cannot get. When you ask for someone’s number, they already know your intentions. Play with the ambiguity by not opening up in the beginning; even pretend you are in a relationship if needed. We’re at war here ! You have to find the right balance between collecting as much information as you can on the person, without being Captain Obvious with your goal, while keeping your crush alert and hooked up on your personality. Every message you send must be worked on before you press “enter”. I always keep the same rule: after receiving a message, don’t do anything at first. Just think, don’t rush. After a few minutes (the longer the better), start writing an interesting answer (by interesting, i mean something that will drive his or her interest towards you, but you don’t have to spread your knowledge like it’s jam. Be witty and cool). Once you’ve written the reply, don’t send it ! Lots of people hit the “send” button once they’re finished writing. This is a mistake. Instead, take a moment to think of what you have written. Do something else, let your mind wander, and it will help you have a more objective understanding of what you are about to say to this person. Read your message again, and again, and again. Keep asking yourself: “how could this be better?” Work on every message like it’s a masterpiece. Imagine the face of your crush when they read it. The right answer should be “a genuine smile he/she can’t help having, and a sudden spike of euphoria”.  

(To be continued in part 2)

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May 12, 2013

Foreplay Song

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May 10, 2013

Seduction tip : Undressing eyes



There is one easy thing for you to try, that will drive men crazy…Let us not forget that your eyes are a powerful means of communicating desires. Start by looking at him in the eyes intensely, but just slighly longer than a glance. So you catch his attention. Got it ? GoodWhen his starts doing the same, now that’s when the real game starts. Slowly and patiently, undress him. In your mind. Look at his lips, softly kiss them mentally, then gently move your eyes down to his throat, chest, arms, and.. crotch. Repeat.

Do it in a subtle way, don’t devour him with your eyes already. Gently undressing him mentally should be enough to set him on fire, compounded by the fact that he is still going to be wondering if he is really needed (as if !). Excitment comes from the irrestistible subtleness of your unspoken yet clear desire

This move will work less for you. It might scare her. I would recommend you to only mentally kiss her, leave your eyes on her lips for just a second or two, and repeat it a few times during the conversation. By all means, use this trick sparingly.

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May 8, 2013

Seduction isn’t making someone do what they don’t want to do
It is enticing someone into what they secretly want to do already

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